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'He Knew Wrath Came Out': Experts Describe Alter Egos Of Teen Accused Of Killing Mother, Brother

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Two doctors called up to testify in court Thursday described Jacob Remaley's four alter egos.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Alice Applegate, called up by the defense, described Remaley's personalities as witch, old man, little girl and wrath. Psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Wright, called up by the commonwealth, described Remaley's personalities as old man, crazy voice, benign woman and wrath.

"I don't know how long wrath has been involved but getting stronger and stronger within his personality," public defender Wayne McGrew said.

One of Remaley's attorney's, Wayne McGrew said wrath is what they believe came out when the now-16-year-old allegedly shot and killed his mom, Dana, and younger brother, Caleb, at their New Stanton home back in November of 2016. Remaley was 14 at the time.

"Once he came out of the altered state, he was very remorseful and very depressed because he knew, the trooper testified in the hospital, wrath came out and told everybody what actually happened," McGrew said.

jacob remaley
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Remaley's father, David, also testified in court. He said he lost his whole family and went on to say that every day he questions the things he's done in his life. He said he had poor judgment with his parenting.

Dr. Applegate mentioned how Remaley's parents seemed to favor Caleb and even took him to Disney World while Jacob had to stay home and do chores. They even bought Jacob a vacuum cleaner as a Christmas gift a few years ago.

"We are asking the court to consider his mental health issues and everything. His age and all those factors and de-certify him back into the juvenile system," McGrew said.

As Remaley's father was leaving the Westmoreland County Courthouse, he said he hopes his son will end up being tried as a juvenile. Right now Jacob Remaley is being charged as an adult.

As for what's next, both the commonwealth and defense have 20 days to submit a transcript to the judge then the judge will decide whether or not Jacob Remaley will be tried as adult or juvenile.


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