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Looking Ahead To How Technology Can Improve In 2022

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- We have all relied on technology to help get us through the pandemic whether through working from home, virtual learning or escaping through video games. But what lies for us with tech in 2022?

VR and AR are becoming more mainstream. Metaverse could be a household concept, and working from home is getting a facelift.

With Facebook introducing many to the term 'Metaverse,' we're asking CNET's Dan Ackerman what that means for us and what will it be able to do for us.

"At it's most basic level, it's a persistent online universe, where you do things, you go places, you have objects that exist in it. And all that stuff is still there, even when you're logged out," Ackerman said.

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This includes adding virtual and augmented reality.

"They want to build something where you can put on the big goofy headset if you want, but you can also try some smart glasses that will project something in front of you or have audio and video capabilities built in," Ackerman said.

In the more immediate future, if you're still working from home, your workspace may see improvements, including better webcams in laptops, and more.

"I saw a great webcam mockup where it's a wireless, little cylindrical webcam and you can just pick it up and stick it anywhere on your screen," Ackerman said.

But, as tech and the need for it grows, there's still a lingering problem.

"That demand plus the chip shortage means these problems are just exacerbated and I don't see them getting better until 2023," Ackerman said.

As for transportation, Ackerman says he sees e-bikes and e-scooters continuing to grow in popularity next year.

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