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Tea Party Pushes Back Against IRS Intimidation

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - The largest independent Tea Party group in the Tri-State region is pushing the Obama Administration to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the recent scandal with the IRS.

A statement issued on Friday by IRS mid-level administrator Lois Lerner says the agency had been singling out Tea Party and Patriot groups who filed for 501c tax-exempt status by giving them additional forms to fill out.

The Independence Hall Tea Party-Don Adams

The Independence Hall Tea Party Association has been against the IRS intimidation of conservative groups since they began doing it in 2010. The Association's President Teri Adams stated that because of their concerns with Obama's administration influencing the IRS, they have decided not to file for tax-exempt status. The group adds that unlike other Tea Party groups, they've formed a federal PAC in charge of political endorsements hoping that this will make them less likely to be a target of the IRS.

The Independence Hall Tea Party-Don Adams

Independence Hall Tea Party was originally formed in 2009 with the mission to educate the public regarding the principles of limited government from the Declaration of Independence. Board Member and Co-founder Don Adams has had enough of the IRS covering up their intimidation tactics with paperwork.

"When you start to target groups and individuals because of their political beliefs it really does border on tyranny," said Adams. "Engaging in this behavior is un-American, here we hold people accountable in our culture for this kind of discrimination." Before it was Nixon and Republicans and now it's Obama and Democrats, abusing the use of the IRS.

The Independence Hall Tea Party-Don Adams

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