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Target opens its doors in Downtown Pittsburgh

Target opens its doors in Downtown Pittsburgh
Target opens its doors in Downtown Pittsburgh 01:57

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Target is officially open in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Located in the old Kaufmann's building on Fifth Avenue, it may serve as a one-stop shop for downtown residents.

This Target is designed for urban areas, smaller but still impactful. And it has everything you need. Most importantly, its opening means downtown is no longer a food desert for the residents who live here.

"I'm really excited, I can't wait to get inside and see what's going on."

After a soft-opening last week, Target's new Downtown Pittsburgh location is officially open for business.

"Just considering where we were three months ago, this store was grey. We were just beams and columns, no fixtures in the building at all, no product," store director Jeremy Petit said.

Petit is the director of the store and said the sales floor is only 10,000 square feet, making it significantly smaller than other box store Targets, but mentioned shoppers can still find everything they need - something that's rare to find Downtown.

"The essentials, the food, there's not really a one-stop shop for this community and we're excited to bring that to Downtown Pittsburgh," Petit added.

Stacey and Marley Faulks, who are mother and daughter, both live in the area and said it's been tough living in a food desert and having to trek for their groceries.

"We needed a place to get groceries. Won't have to move the car every time we need to get just a few items and not a big order," Stacey said.

Before now, they were having to go to the North Side or South Side to shop.

"Just have to lug the groceries over and get them back in the apartment. So it's nice to just get a few things then walk back home," Marley Faulks added.

And Target's placement is not only a positive for shoppers — but it's also a calling card for other businesses to come in and fill empty Downtown buildings and help revitalize the area.

Additionally, their CVS Pharmacy will be opening shortly to fill medication needs.

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