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Taped Confession Played As Penalty Phase Continues In 'Greensburg 6' Trial

GREENSBURG (KDKA) -- The penalty phase for Melvin Knight, one of the so-called "Greensburg 6," continued today in Westmoreland County.

Knight is on trial in connection with the torture and death of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty.

After several days of testimony, Knight's taped confession was played in court earlier today.

In the tape that lasted nearly an hour, Knight spoke slowly as he told investigators how the so-called "Greensburg 6" tortured and murdered 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty.

Knight says it began because Angela Marinucci was jealous of a romantic relationship between Daugherty and Ricky Smyrnes.

Knight says Daugherty was first hit with a metal crutch and towel rack before the group began forcing her to drink concoctions. He says the concoctions were Smyrnes' idea.

Smyrnes' then allegedly told Knight to get a knife and stab Daugherty.

Melvin Knight: Then, Ricky went and got a, um, knife, and told me to stab her.

Detective: And what did you do?

Melvin Knight: I hesitated for a little bit and then I stabbed her.

Detective: Okay, where, where did you stab her first, Melvin?

Melvin Knight: In the chest.

Detective: And about how many times did you stab her in the chest?

Melvin Knight: Mmmm, three.

On the tape, Knight refers to Ricky Smyrnes, another suspect charged in the case.

Melvin Knight: Ricky could be a very intimidating, scary dude when his temper gets the best of him, and I didn't wanna be on the wrong side of him.

Knight says he stabbed Daugherty seven times before she died. He then helped Smyrnes put the body in a garbage can and drag it to Greensburg Salem Middle School.

Knight says he did it all because he was afraid of Smyrnes and didn't want to end up in the same place as Daugherty.

Prosecutors are expected to call three final witnesses on Monday. Those witnesses are expected to be Daugherty's mother, sister and stepfather.

The judge told the defense to be ready Monday afternoon.

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