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Mother Stabs 8-Day-Old Baby, Tells Police It Was 'The Devil's Baby'

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SWISSVALE (KDKA) -- A mother is facing charges after police say she stabbed her one-week-old baby in Swissvale on Friday.

Tanishia Fielder, 32, is in jail Saturday, charged with stabbing her 8-day-old baby boy in the face.

The baby is being treated at Children's Hospital. The child's condition is unknown.

It happened in a second-floor apartment in the 7500 block of Melrose Street.

Fielder admitted to the crime, according to police. She said she used a kitchen knife. Police later recovered a knife under a dumpster behind the Melrose Street apartment building.

"'It was the Devil's child.' That just kept coming out of her mouth," neighbor Darius Warren said. "I'm like, 'Wow, that's crazy.'"

Warren said he knew the mother and he couldn't believe what happened.

"It was devastated. I never seen anything like that before, especially from her," he said. "I never would have expected that."

A criminal complaint said the baby sustained knife wounds near the right eye. Fielder was quoted by police saying, "I stabbed the baby. That's the Devil's baby."

She explained the crime to police, saying God told her she needed to kill the baby, dismember him and throw him in the garbage because he was by the Devil.

The father of the infant told police that he and Fielder got into an argument earlier in the day on Friday, and he saw her with a knife. He said she chased him with the knife, and he saw the baby stabbed and bleeding.

Warren called 911 for help when he saw the father run outside with the baby.

"When the husband came out, I guess, he was holding the baby, running down, and the baby had blood in his eyes and stuff," Warren said. "[The father was] screaming '911, call 911,' so I called 911. Then when I asked the lady what was going on, she kept saying, 'It's Satan's child, it's Satan's child' and all that."

Fielder is facing multiple charges.

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