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Survey finds more Americans expected to tip during 2023 holiday season

Survey finds more Americans expected to tip during 2023 holiday season
Survey finds more Americans expected to tip during 2023 holiday season 02:54

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- It's the most wonderful time of the year -- if you're on the receiving end of tipping.

Tipping amounts were down last year, so is a rebound on the way? Just who should you tip and how much? 

KDKA's John Shumway is here with some answers.

In some areas like housekeeping or teachers, more than half of those responding to a survey on said they will be tipping this year. 

Tipping comes in waves from year to year.

"More people tipped around the holidays, but they gave lower amounts," said Senior Industry Analyst Ted Rossman. "This year the amounts have rebounded."

Rossman says that younger people tend to be bit more generous. 

"I would note that if you've ever had service industry experience, you're probably a better tipper and a lot of today's service workers are Gen Z years and younger millennials," Rossman said. "So I think there is an element of looking out for their own."

For many service providers like hairdressers, Rossman says there's a general rule of thumb of paying for a typical visit, but around the holidays, doubling it and letting that serve as the year-end tip.

Bankrate's survey found that tips for housekeepers consisted of a median tip of $50.

While your mail carrier is not supposed to accept cash, a gift card might work.

"The median there is $20. Similar for trash and recycling collectors, only about a quarter tip them. The median was $25."

For delivery drivers who tend to be different every time, Rossman suggests maybe putting out a basket of drinks and snacks and having that be a little show of appreciation. 

If you want to gift your child's teacher, Rossman says to talk to the other parents.

"If you are sometimes going in as part of a group gift, it takes some of the awkwardness out of how much each individual contributed," Rossman said.

Always remember, the receiver will remember.

"Sometimes we we tip to ensure better service," Rossman said.

If you want to tip your childcare provider, Rossman says the median gift is $50.

If you're going to be using gift cards instead of cash, a lot of people prefer gift cards. Rossman says it seems more thoughtful than just sticking some bills in an envelope.

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