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KD Sunday Spotlight: Aliquippa Boxing Gym Transforms Into A Center For Hope, Personal Growth

KD Sunday Spotlight: Aliquippa Boxing Gym Transforms Into A Center For Hope, Personal Growth 02:39

ALIQUIPPA (KDKA) -- In this week's KD Sunday Spotlight, a boxing gym transformed into a building of hope.

Jaryd Boyer owns Premier Youth and Community Center in Aliquippa.

He said at first, people joined to learn the sport.

But he soon realized their purpose was outside of the ring, and now he teaches others to fight for their dreams.

"You come in here, and it's like, 'Why are you here? What's your why?'" said Boyer.

Boyer found his why after navigating a difficult childhood.

Now he's helping others find theirs.

"What you go through and you grow through, you can give to other people," said Boyer. "The goal is to change lives."

Boyer is changing lives of all ages and backgrounds.

While some go to the center for fitness, others are finding their faith through weekly bible studies.

Many seek support and skills through its leadership program.

"Jaryd found me," said Shaun Duguay who started going to the center in 2020. "I was going through some serious personal things. I was at the end of my road, at least I thought I was."

After spending years in prison and a troubled past, Shaun Duguay said Boyer and the center saved his life.

"This place offers hope, faith, encouragement to pursue your goals, to pursue your dreams," said Duguay.

"It's allowed me to just excel and persevere," said Jaeden Gordon who joined the program about a year ago.

Gordon said he learned how to become a leader on and off the football field.

"That ultimately led me to chasing the dream, going to Oregon and earning the reputation I did there and earning my offer to go to Nevada," said Gordon.

But Gordon said this center has also become his second home.

"There are not too many places in Aliquippa where I can just come and be myself," said Gordon.

It's a safe space meant to enlighten and empower everyone.

"[I hope] they feel good about themselves, no matter what that looks like," said Boyer. "Then they can carry it out there and maybe pass that along to someone else."

And win the biggest fight of their lives by finally discovering their why.

"Jaryd has always asked me, what's my why?," said Duguay. "I now know my why. My why is to show the impossible is possible."

The center has another leaderhship program coming up this fall, a variety of fitness classes and a coffee corner.

For more information, visit their website.

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