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Sunday Business Page: Partner4Work helps Pittsburghers get into the workforce

Sunday Business Page: Partner4Work
Sunday Business Page: Partner4Work 05:27

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - During First Lady Dr. Jill Biden's visit to Pittsburgh this past week, she saluted a local organization called Partner4Work, the group selected to help implement Pittsburgh's designation as of America's five "Workforce Talent Hubs." 

In the Sunday Business Page, I spoke with the CEO of this non-profit workforce development group about how they will match and train job seekers with the jobs funded through various White House and congressional initiatives of the last two years. 

Rob Cherry said Partner4Work partners with more than 100 local organizations, including employers, unions, and educators to help Pittsburghers find jobs. 

"Despite reports of jobs leaving the region, today we have about 40,000 open jobs, so we're focused on filling those jobs and making sure employers offer the right pay and benefits to attract workers so that they can grow their businesses," he said. 

Partner4Work also focuses on helping those in marginalized communities get into the workforce. 

You can watch my full interview with Rob above!

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