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Study: Local Transits Should Offer Services For Late-Shift Workers

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The results of a recent study are encouraging transit services to accommodate travelers with later evening shifts.

The American Public Transit Association said late-shift employees earn less than daytime employees.

The study concluded that 17% of employees in urban areas start work after 4 p.m. and have trouble finding a way to or from work.

These employees also earn a median salary of around $30,000, which the study says is $5,000 lower than daytime salaries -- which makes services like Uber or Lyft expensive alternatives for public transportation.

"The need to own a car makes late-shift jobs unavailable, or unaffordable, for a segment of the American population."

Our partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette spoke with Association President and CEO Paul Skoutelas, a former CEO at Port Authority who said the study is designed to get the need for late-shift service on the national agenda. Local agencies are aware of the need but often don't have the resources to address it, he said.

From a local viewpoint, Port Authority extended hours of the 28X airport flyer, at the Pittsburgh International Airport, to help get workers to and from late or early jobs at the airport.

Port Authority CEO Katharine Eagan Kelleman told our partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the biggest obstacle to providing 24-hour service in the Greater Pittsburgh Area would be getting employees to work these later shifts.

"It's not the employees, it's the employers who are in touch with us to see what we have to offer when they want to move into the area," she said.

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