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Students Make Bracelets To Support Shaler Teachers On Strike

SHALER (KDKA) - While a teacher strike continues in the Shaler Area School District, students are now showing their support.

The teachers launched a strike a week ago, on what was supposed to be the first day of class in the district.

The District, and teacher's union have been in talks, but nothing has come of those talks.

Tuesday the educators who were walking, an waving signs, got a big boost of support.

Ten young Shaler students handed out some 400 red, white, and blue rainbow loom bracelets.

"They think that it's really awesome that we were able to make 400 in a few days, " said 5th grader Caitlin Fedorek.

The kids were excited to see the teachers they haven't seen all summer, and say they want to be back in school.

Parents say their kids have been upset by the strike, and how by how their teachers have been portrayed.

"I totally appreciate everything that they do, so I support them a hundred percent, " parent Jason Fedorek said.

Some progress has been made in the negotiations, and according to the State Department of Education students must return to class on Tuesday, September 24th.

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