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Stray kitten fatally shot in Robinson Township

Stray kitten fatally shot in Robinson Township
Stray kitten fatally shot in Robinson Township 02:44

ROBINSON, Pa. (KDKA) — A stray kitten was fatally shot in Robinson Township over the weekend.  

Investigators are trying to figure out if someone should be held accountable. Robinson Township police and a humane officer are working together on the case. 

While officials can't say much about the investigation, Humane Animal Rescue said charges could potentially be filed.

"There are so many other ways to go about this. You don't just shoot an animal," Bridges from Kuwait founder Tarra Provident said.

A stray cat was fatally shot in Robinson Township. (Photo Credit: Tarra Provident)

The stray kitten, named Nala, was found behind a home on Lewis Avenue in Robinson Township on Sunday. As soon Provident saw a post about Nala on social media, she jumped into action. She spotted Nala and her brother, Norbert, hanging out together, so she set up traps and took them home.

"When we got home, saw the clump of fur that had blood on it. Shaved the area there was an open wound," Provident said.

Provident took Nala to the vet the next day to get an x-ray. The vet told KDKA-TV that the x-ray showed fragments from a pellet gun in her spine. It caused her to become paralyzed from the waist down.

"The plan was to find her a home as a special needs cat. And then Tuesday morning, took her to get her bladder expressed and there was blood," Provident said.

Provident said Nala had internal bleeding, went into shock and had to be euthanized. She said police got involved not long after.

"They went to the property and said people at the property did admit to shooting the kitten. So, it was a pellet gun," said Provident.

Provident said there are more humane ways to handle stray cats. Things like getting the cat spayed and neutered. She said there are several organizations that offer those services at a low cost or even for free. 

She also suggested contacting the appropriate organization if feral cats won't leave your yard.

"You reach out to rescues, call the police, animal control, there are a million more humane ways to go about this," Provident said.

As for Norbert, Provident said the tip of his tail was broken but he will be adopted out as soon as he's ready.

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