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The Stink Bug Home Invasion Frenzy Has Begun In Western Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- They're here! Starting now through the next few weeks, experts say more stink bugs will be making their way into homes across Pennsylvania.

Chances are you've already seen some of the annoying critters.

"When the days' lengths get shorter as it is now, the nights get cool, they start looking for a place to spend the winter," says the Allegheny County Health Department's Bill Todaro.

The invasive, foul-smelling, brown marmorated stink bug are the biggest culprits.

"With cooler weather on the horizon, stink bugs will be in a frenzy looking for a warm, dry place for the winter," says Ehrlich Pest Control.

You've heard that last winter's cold weather may have killed off a number of the pests, but experts say you're still going to see them, if you haven't already.

A 2014 Virginia Tech research experiment shows that the Polar Vortex may kill off as many as 95 percent of stink bugs that hadn't found warm shelter during the winter months.

Now is your chance to take precautions.

Your first defense is caulking and sealing all those potential entries to keep them out.

"There are some pesticides in the hardware store that are defensive."

Check product labels for active ingredients ending in the letters "T-H-R-I-N."

Stink bug traps are only marginally effective at this time of year, but spraying outside around your windows, doors and screens should keep stink bugs at bay.

The best advice is to be pro-active. If you wait until the end of September, they will have already moved in.

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