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Director Nancy Schwartzman Revisits Steubenville Rape Case In New Documentary 'Roll Red Roll'

(CBS Local)--It's been six years since Steubenville High School football players Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond were convicted of raping a minor.

The rape case in the small Ohio town became a national story because it brought forth larger conversations about the impact of social media, masculinity and consent. Filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman spent the last four years revisiting this story in her new documentary "Roll Red Roll."

"What we wanted to do is show a lot of different perspectives," said Schwartzman in an interview with CBS Local. "Because its a small town, the crime really impacted and affected so many people. There were so many different avenues to explore and so many different players and subjects to talk to. What initially drew me to the story was all of the social media."

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The incident took place on the night of Aug. 11, 2012 when Mays and Richmond sexually assaulted an incapacitated 16-year-old girl. The evening was documented by texts, pictures and posts on social media. The case became national news when the group known as Anonymous uploaded a video of the Steubenville boys to YouTube.

"I felt it was really important to show stark and clearly as I could," said Schwartzman. "A lot of times we minimize things and say it's not that bad. Laughing about a rape is that bad. Being in a room with someone who is in distress and not doing anything is really bad. It's important to see how desensitized our culture is making us."

"Roll Red Roll" hits theaters on March 22 and Schwartzman wants people to know this is a documentary for men and young boys.

"I especially crafted this film for men to be affected by it and for young men especially to take a look at it and see themselves," said Schwartzman. "We were born into this culture, but that doesn't mean we have to keep upholding it and repeating it. Women have been doing this for a long time. It's time to pass the baton to guys who want to make a difference about."

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