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STEM Fest 2020

This year's Stem Month Pittsburgh kicks off November 9- 30th featuring various companies to educate and celebrate Pittsburgh leading the way into the future of STEM education and careers.

KDKA-TV, in partnership with the CGI founded STEM Month, as an annual tribute of Pittsburgh's dedication to STEM, not only within the City of Pittsburgh but the communities, and the organizations that operate within it and around it. The foundation of the present and future is built on Science and Technology.

Now more than ever, it is important to educate and guide our society about STEM education and careers to keep us moving forward. During the tribute to STEM Month, we highlight various businesses and organizations that are driving us forward with their STEM initiatives, as well as educate for future generations. Through a community campaign and interview discussion, we hear updates on what is ahead and how what's happening in Pittsburgh is affecting the region and the world.

Through community outreach, students are introduced to STEM-related jobs through interaction with STEM professionals. Students learn how concepts and essential STEM skills apply to the work environment. In addition, Technology and Innovation giants from across the country have been setting up shop in Pittsburgh. With the number of global tech companies and local start-ups spreading across the city, Pittsburgh has undeniably developed into an "East Coast Silicon Valley." We are the future!


KDKA TV Williams STEM Fest, presented by Verizon and in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania brings to you an interactive educational and inspiring STEM-related show filled with hands-on interactive science and fun.


Dr. Andre Samuel of the Citizen Science Lab joins Heather Abraham and Mikey Hood for a cool experiment that parents and kids can do right at home!

Learn More about The Citizen Science Lab HERE!


In a world where students now need to make sure they are well-versed in science, technology, engineering, and math, Pittsburgh Today Live's Mikey Hood checked out an after school program at the Boys and Girls Club in Lawrenceville that is teaching kids all about robotics!

Learn more about The Boys and Girls Club HERE!


At Tender Care Learning Center, children as young as the age of six-weeks-old are getting a head start in learning science. Pittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani checked out some cool experiments parents and children can do right at home!

Learn more about Tender Care Learning Centers HERE!


At Tender Care Learning Center, children as young as the age of six-weeks-old are getting a head start in learning science. Pittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani checked out some cool experiments parents and children can do right at home!

Learn more about The Allegheny County Library Association HERE!


Verizon, Neighborhood Allies, and Level Up 412 have all teamed up to make sure the digital divide between communities, age groups, and more is taken care of. Especially with so many people working from home due to the pandemic. Pittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani spoke with Anthony Harper about the project.

Learn more about Verizon HERE!
Learn more about Neighborhood Allies HERE!
Learn more about Level Up 412 HERE!


How much do you know about natural gas? That's the question Hosanna Terrell-Causey asked when she was inspired to write a children's book all about natural gas and her mother's career at Williams. Pittsburgh Today Live's Mikey Hood talked to Hosanna about her book and the inspiration behind it.

Learn more about Williams HERE!


Science and technology has impacted just about every aspect of our lives in the modern world and that includes law enforcement. Heather Abraham and David Highfield were shown some of the ways Pittsburgh Police are using technology to help them fight crime.

Learn more about the City of Pittsburgh Law Enforcement HERE!


Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown make up the duo known as ASAP Science and they are making STEM more fun for kids with songs, viral videos, and some celebrity cameos! They joined Heather Abraham and David Highfield to tell their story!

Watch more ASAP Science videos HERE!


Just about everyone orders from Amazon in 2020 and as they showed Pittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani, STEM plays a huge role in their day-to-day operations!

Learn more about Amazon Fulfillment and Operations HERE!


What is it like to major in a STEM-related field once in college? Pittsburgh Today Live's Mikey Hood made her way to Seton Hill to find out!

Learn more about Seton Hill University HERE!


Is it magic or is it science? KDKA Meteorologist Ray Petelin and his daughter Elizabeth show you a "magic" trick using nothing but a ping pong ball and some popcorn kernels!

Watch more Hey Ray videos HERE!

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