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Steelers Ramon Foster: 'If I Get Pulled Over By The Wrong Person, It Could Be A Bad Day For Me'

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) -- Pittsburgh Steelers guard Ramon Foster is speaking out after video was released showing the shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in Oklahoma.

Dashcam and aerial footage were released showing Tulsa officer Betty Shelby shooting Terence Crutcher.

Crutcher's hands were raised when he was shot, and officers say he didn't have a gun.

Ramon Foster took to Twitter over the incident saying: "Terrance Crutcher was labeled as a big bad dude, well I probably stand no chance with the wrong person pulling me over."

Foster joined The Fan Morning show and was asked by Colin Dunlap about the comments.

"I've thought about this situation before. Here I am as, let's be honest, a big black guy. I have a big black truck- you guys have seen it, it has tinted windows. And, I have a threatening dog. It's just what they call a threatening dog, Zeus, a Rottweiler," Foster said.


"I think after the season, when I'm driving through Ohio, or Kentucky, or wherever I'm going, Pennsylvania- if I get pulled over, I have the right to carry, I have guns in my vehicle, I have the right to carry. They're unloaded, though, but I have my permit. And if I get pulled over by the wrong person, and I have to let down my windows, and you see a big, black Rottweiler in a truck with a big, black male in a big black truck, and I tell you I have weapons in my vehicle but I also have the right to carry- if it's just not my day, that can be a bad day for me," said Foster.

Foster continued by saying: "It's a harsh reality that I've thought about. It's sad that I have to think about those things. And it just has to have more consequences to those types of situations that show up. It's unfair. If a person is in that situation were to feel threatened, then call more backup. Don't resort to pulling your weapon and shooting. I have two kids and a wife. I have family and friends that I'm here for also," Ramon told 93-7 The Fan.

"It's sad that I've had to run that scenario through my head. I'm talking about numerous times since all the stuff has been going on. I feel like I lose that situation right there."

An attorney representing the officer said his client claims Crutcher was reaching through the window of the SUV when he was shot.

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State and federal investigations into the Tulsa shooting are underway.

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