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Steelers, Parking Lot Owners In War Of Words Over Kenny Chesney Concert

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The Kenny Chesney concert was a big hit, but the trash left behind turned some heads, and now the Steelers and the parking lot owners are in a war of words over the mess.

Our news partners at the Post-Gazette are reporting that the team has fired off an angry letter to the city's Stadium Authority complaining about the comments Merrill Stabile, president of Alco Parking, made after Chesney's concert at Heinz Field last month.

The team sent the letter through its PSSI Stadium LLC arm, and is reportedly upset that Stabile did interviews with TV, radio, and newspapers following the concert, complaining about the fans and the trash left behind.

They feel those comments could jeopardize events at the stadium in the future.

In an interview Stabile did with KDKA-TV following the concert he said, "The Kenny Chesney crowd is the most difficult crowd for our staff to work with of any of the events of the year."

Even telling KDKA that the Chesney crowd has earned such a reputation that even police were hesitant to face the mess.

"We had a hard time getting police -- a lot of police didn't want to work this event," Stabile said said in June.

The concert drew more than 49,000 fans, and some estimates say up to 60,000 pounds of trash was left behind in the parking lot following the concert.

Police say 49 people were arrested inside Heinz field during the concert, with another 24 arrests taking place near the venue on the North Shore. Police say most of the arrests were for disorderly conduct, public intoxication and aggravated assault.

Additionally, police say at least 10 large fights broke out and 150 people were treated for various medical needs. Another 45 people were taken to medical facilities as well.

The letter from Jimmie Sacco, PSSI's director of stadium management, also accuses Stabile of ignoring suggestions to help make the event run smoother.

In response, Stabile told the Post-Gazette that the comments are incorrect and misleading, and that he hopes more can be done to help events in the future.

One of those suggestions is to have prepaid parking for those only who have tickets for the concert.

WATCH: Fight Breaks Out After Chesney Concert

Kenny Chesney Fight Heinz Field 2013 by niesen98 on YouTube

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