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Steelers GM Talks Hernandez, Calls O-Line A Double-Edged Sword

LATROBE (93-7 The Fan) -- Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert visited The Fan Morning Show's tent at training camp during their show Thursday and talked with the guys about the team's preparations for the 2013 season.

He gave his take on the controversy surrounding player behavior following the football world's startling revelations about Aaron Hernandez's actions.

"You don't want to minimize what's happened, but it's one percent of the guys in the league," Colbert said. "Most of the people that work in this league are good people. But, you know, one incident is too many. So, the league does to a lot to try to prepare these guys, and we try to complement that and do as much as we can. And you never rest easy when the players aren't here. When they're here, and you can visit with them, and talk to them, and they can talk to you every day, it's a lot easier. But when they scatter around the country, sometimes they do get into trouble. It's not like it's totally out of control, but one arrest is too many."

Colbert said that football general managers don't have the flexibility that baseball general managers do to make trades.

"Because of the team aspect of our game, it's hard to incorporate people midway through the season," Colbert said. "And then with the salary cap implications, it's just very difficult to do trades in our sport."

In the wake of head coach Mike Tomlin joining Twitter, Colbert admitted that he isn't too big on social media himself, but pointed out that he's all for anything that helps the team win. He noted that Facebook and Twitter can be useful tools when it comes to evaluating draft prospects.

He told the guys that what he likes about Le'Veon Bell is his "size and productivity," which gives the rookie the ability to fight for extra yardage.

"He could turn that one yard into five," Colbert said. "If he had a one yard hole, he was going to get five yards."

He explained that there are pros and cons to having an offensive line as young as the one that the Steelers have.

"It's fairly double-edged," Colbert said. "It's exciting because they are young, they are athletic. But it's also concerning because they're young. They have to gel. They have to come together. The offensive line, like no other unit, has to play five-as-one, and that takes a while."

The interview can be heard here:

Kevin Colbert 8-1

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