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Steelers Fans Give Predictions For Regular Season

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Steelers final preseason game Thursday night against the Panthers gave players the opportunity to make the roster, but it gave fans the opportunity preview the talent and make this year's predictions.

"I think they're gonna be more together this year," Nancy Barsotti said.

Some Steelers fans at an annual black and gold tailgate bash for the Interior Designers Legislative Coalition of PA believe the "D" will make the difference this year.

"I think our offense and defense work so well together and we're not going to be able to tell, but I think that our defense is so strong that it's really going to give our offense that push that we need," Emily Buhman said.

Other fans say a winning season this year will be all about the offense.

"We have a mixture of veterans at receiver and young talent coming up especially Brown he's done well in the preseason," Mark Zavislak said. "I think Ben has a lot of weapons."

"I'm very excited about the aerial attack this year," Pete Wesolosky said. "It seems like it's gonna make a big difference because I think we're gonna have to score more points just because our defense might be a less than stellar."

The season hasn't even started and yes, like every year, Steeler Nation agrees on one prediction - another Super Bowl.

"Oh yeah, every year! Come on – I always think it," Emily said.

"You gotta believe that! If you're a Steeler fan you always believe that every year," Pete added.

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