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Steelers' Brett Keisel, James Harrison Raise Money For Charity By Going Hunting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Many hunters will spend the holiday weekend in the woods going after deer, turkey or pheasants.

This week, the Steelers' defensive lineman Brett Keisel and some of his teammates grabbed some guns and headed to a local hunting and fishing club. And they took KDKA's Bob Pompeani along with them.

For players who make their living hunting quarterbacks, hunting pheasants provides a nice day of relaxation.

"If you miss, you don't eat," says Keisel. "One of the great American pastimes, which is hunting."

Of course, it's not for everyone.

"All of the loud noise and shooting and all that, it's too much for me," said Steelers' defensive lineman Casey Hampton. "You know, where I'm from, you hear gunshots, you get down."

But this day was all about Keisel and his teammates taking to the beautiful 146-acres of the Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club in Bridgeville and having a friendly competition while also raising money for Children's Hospital.

Pompeani: "What is the secret to your success with this?"

Steelers' linebacker James Harrison: "The secret to my success? Steady hand, fast eye, quicker finger."

As they took to the woods, Keisel said: "Now James, I'm gonna let you shoot on this one, okay?"

"It's great watching the dogs work, that's like my favorite part," added Keisel about the club's hunting dogs. "These dogs are so well trained, it's amazing; you know, they'll get on a bird and they'll just lock up. Let you come up, flush the bird. Hopefully, shoot the bird."

Harrison kept pace, and in the end, the competition was all about shell count – who gets the most birds with the fewest amount of shells.

"We'll take a draw," said Keisel. "And, you know, the motto held true 'cause if it flew, what happened?"

Pompeani: "If it flies, it dies."

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