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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Explore Mileage Tax

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Because gasoline prices have risen, the state's gasoline revenues have diminished and is causing concern from our state leaders. A new "mileage tax" is being considered as one potential way to alleviate those concerns.

Pennsylvania House Tranportation Committe Chairman Representative Michael McGeehan says the commonwealth has more state highways than New York, New Jersey and New England combined.

He says the state is challenged economically with maintaining our infrastructure.  McGeehan says the "mileage tax" is just a proposal that might help generate new revenues.


"From what I understand — and it's not something that's high on my agenda — but I think because of the nature of the crisis, people are looking for any alternative. How it would work is in conjunction with a gas tax, fees would be based on the miles you travel in Pennsylvania. There's a number of technologies, one is a transponder in your car that would go to a central monitoring facility that would monitor the miles you drive and then you'd be billed as a result of those miles," McGeehan said on NewsRadio 1020 on Tuesday, adding that he was only explaining the proposal, not advocating it.

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