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Changing Gathering Limits Put Wedding Guest Lists In Flux

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It seems every week there is another change to the gathering limits in Pennsylvania. One industry that continues to be hit hard by the COVID-19 restrictions is weddings.

The first piece of advice from wedding planners during the coronavirus pandemic is to always have a Plan B. Brides can sometimes plan the big day years in advance but gathering limits could change days before the event.

Just this week, the state reverted to outdoor limits of 250 and indoor at 25 after a judge issued a stay on the previous federal ruling. So what does that mean for brides who had upped their guest list? Well, it depends on the individual venue.

Ali Simcho with Wanderlust Weddings and Events said restaurant venues are more restricted to the state guidelines but some privately-owned facilities are going up to a 50 percent capacity.

Simcho said at the end of the day, the bride and groom must be comfortable with that final number.

"As a guest, if you are attending a wedding, please have patience and understanding. A bride might text you the week of the wedding and say, 'Hey, we can have more' or unfortunately say, 'We can't have 250 outside, now we can only have 100,'" Simcho said.

Simcho told KDKA the restrictions have allowed for more intimate weddings, but several brides have pushed the big day to next spring or summer in the hope that more people will be allowed to attend, but only time will tell.

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