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St. Patrick's Day Parade In Pittsburgh Sees Smaller Crowd For Celebrations In September

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The St. Patrick's Day Parade in Pittsburgh is considered one of the biggest in the country, but because of the pandemic, it's been canceled then delayed. This morning, it finally took place.

People were decked out in green lining the streets of downtown Pittsburgh. It's not something you typically see in September.

"We had to have it sometime right? Better late than never," said Jim Maguire of Plum.

Visibly smaller than in years past, people from Pittsburgh and other areas weren't too surprised that Saturday morning's St. Patrick's Day parade wasn't what it usually is.

"I think it's weird for people to come down in September, and I know there's a lot of Fall football that goes on for families with little kids," said Rachel McCarthy of Pittsburgh.

Organizers decided to push the celebration to this time of year in hopes of more people being vaccinated and overall feeling more confident about being out. And although there were no large crowds this time around, the joy of being at the parade, was still there.

"The weather is beautiful, right? Shorts! You usually don't get this in March," said Maguire.

The parade started around 10 a.m. and included marching bands, Irish dance teams along with local police and fire departments.

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