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Landslide Shuts Down Road In Springdale Township

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UPDATE (Feb. 27, 2019):

PennDOT reopened Freeport Road to traffic around 9 a.m. on Feb. 27.

SPRINGDALE (KDKA) -- A landslide brought down trees, branches, rocks and other debris onto a busy roadway in Springdale on Friday morning, forcing it to close.

The slide was first reported near where Pittsburgh Street becomes Freeport Road near Zaleski's Aluminum factory.

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The road barricaded between Riddle Run Road and the C.L. Schmitt Bridge.

"When I was down there, you could just see it, just coming from the hillside, just coming down," said David Speer, the co-owner of David's Diner.

The landslide means Speer will have to close his business early, and lose money.

"Friday is usually one of our busiest days going into the weekend," he said.

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David and Lisa Speer say this isn't the first time they've seen a landslide in the area.

"I think that's the same location as last time, probably about eight months or so ago," said David.

"That's what everybody has been saying, this has been going on for years," added Lisa.

PennDOT sent crews to the landslide. Before the road can reopen, they will have to remove the debris and make sure the hillside is stable.

"Our concern is if they have this road opening tomorrow morning, because our weekends are very busy," said David. "But, unfortunately, the way this is going, I'm going to be forced to shut down, so it's a costly day."

"It's a Mother Nature thing. It is what it is, and you go with it, and you roll with the punches," Lisa added.

To get around the area, PennDOT has posted these detours:

Posted Detour
South of the Slide
· Take Riddle Run Road to Murray Hill Road (Route 1014)
· Turn left onto Murray Hill Road
· Murray Hill Road becomes Hite Road
· Turn right onto Pittsburgh Mills Boulevard (Route 1049)
· Merge onto northbound Route 28
· Take the Russellton/Creighton (Exit 13) off-ramp
· Turn right onto Crawford Run Road
· Follow Crawford Run Road back to Freeport Road
· End Detour

North of the slide
· From Freeport Road, turn right onto Bailies Run Road
· Turn right onto the ramp to southbound Route 28 toward Pittsburgh
· Take the Pittsburgh Mills Boulevard (Exit 12A) off-ramp
· Turn left onto Pittsburgh Mills Boulevard
· Turn left onto Hite Road
· Hite Road becomes Murray Hill Road
· Turn right onto Riddle Run Road
· Follow Riddle Run Road back to Freeport Road
· End detour

PennDOT is not expected to begin the clean-up until Monday because more debris is expected to cover the highway over the weekend.


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