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Special Delivery! Birthday Boutique Truck Helping Homeless Kids

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- An old tasty-cake delivery truck is delivering something else these days, it's being used to brighten the lives of homeless children.

It's a "birthday boutique" and will be filled with new clothes for the kids.

Megs Yunn created a group called "Beverly's Birthdays" to help kids who are homeless.

"So Beverly was a young girl I met seven years who at eleven years old shared with me that she had never had her own birthday party or a slice of birthday cake," said Yunn. "For me it was one of those moments where I thought there are probably more Beverlys out there."

Her group goes to homeless shelters, residential recovery programs and other places to throw birthday parties for kids who might not have them otherwise.

They bring cupcakes, food and toys, but Yunn realized there was something else the kids need.

"One of the humbling consequences of poverty is inadequate clothing," said Yunn.

Co-director Josh Whiteside said: "Giving away clothes when you don't know specifically who the child is can be difficult, so we said we're just going to bring the whole store to them."

So their plan is to bring the birthday boutique truck with them when they throw a party for a child.

"They get a brand new duffle bag to put their items that make them look good and feel good," said Yunn.

While they'll be giving the kids clothes, it's really something more. They like to call it: hope on a hanger.

"It's all about self-worth and self-esteem."

Beverly's Birthdays is now six years old. They held a fundraiser at PNC Park.

They say they've now helped more than 30,000 kids celebrate their birthdays.

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