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Western Pennsylvania's Newest Major Roadway, The Southern Beltway, Set To Open On Friday

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - On Friday, the Southern Beltway will open and the long-anticipated 19-mile connection from Interstate 79 at the Washington-Allegheny County line to the airport will be open but not the entire interchange with I-79.

Opening on Friday will be the connection coming out of Washington County northbound onto the Southern Beltway to the airport as well as the connection from the Southern Beltway onto southbound I-79 heading toward Southpointe.

"The rest of the ramps are going to continue to be in construction, we'll open some of them later this year and the rest will be done in the spring," said Project Director Steve Hrovich.

Hrovich said there is still plenty of paving and finish work required on those additional ramps.

The Southern Beltway from I-79 to the airport will open sometime during the day on Friday.

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