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Protesters March Through South Side Over Fatal Shooting Of 17-Year-Old Antwon Rose By East Pittsburgh Police Officer

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SOUTH SIDE (KDKA) -- Protesters gathered on Pittsburgh's South Side on Saturday night to protest the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Antwon Rose, who was killed by an East Pittsburgh Police officer on Tuesday.

Protesters started marching down East Carson Street around 9 p.m. The crowd followed the lead of Leon Ford, who was paralyzed when he was shot by a police officer during a traffic stop in November 2012.

Many protesters carried signs reading, "3 shots in the back. How do you justify that?"

south side antwon rose protest hands up dont shoot
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Around 10:30 p.m., the crowd reached 10th Street, where police came out in riot gear and blocked protesters from continuing down East Carson Street. The crowd stopped in front of them, chanting, "Hands up, don't shoot," then split off and went up onto the sidewalks.

The group turned around and walked back down East Carson Street in the opposite direction, reaching the South Side Works area around 11:30 p.m.


Port Authority of Allegheny County tweeted that certain bus routes in the area may be delayed because of "peaceful demonstrations."

Saturday was the fourth straight day of protests in the Pittsburgh area after Rose was shot three times by Officer Michael Rosfeld while running from a vehicle pulled over for a felony stop in East Pittsburgh.

Rosfeld stopped the vehicle because it matched the description of a vehicle that had been involved in a drive-by shooting in North Braddock about 13 minutes prior.


Protesters gathered outside the East Pittsburgh police station Wednesday in response to the shooting. Hundreds gathered outside the Allegheny County Courthouse downtown Thursday afternoon, and protesters shut down the Parkway East for hours late that night.

On Friday, protesters marched back and forth between Downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore for hours, and another anti-gun violence protest shut down the Homestead Grays Bridge at one point Friday night.

Earlier Saturday, protesters joined the previously scheduled Juneteenth March from the Hill District to Downtown Pittsburgh. Public officials joined community leaders to speak out against the shooting.

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