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South Park Triplets Move Into 3 Different Pittsburgh Colleges On The Same Day

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Move-in day is stressful enough, but imagine moving three kids into different schools on the same day.

From an uncertain beginning, the Witt triplets of South Park have moved on to great things.

Today, sister Hannah is checking in for her first day at Carlow University, with her beaming mom in tow.

"This is the most special day for us," Laura Witt says.

Born at Magee at just 24 weeks in 2000, Hannah and her brothers were struggling, weighing only a pound and a half each.

Their mom, who works at Magee, was a nurse there when she became pregnant and says it's taken a lot of blessings to get here.

"It's a really great day that we've waited for, for a very long time," she says.

And now, the three are going from the NICU to the dorm room, all the same day,

"I like the smallness and the closeness that everybody has here," Hannah Witt says.

Hannah, following in her mom's footsteps, is studying to become a nurse at Carlow.

"As a mom I wish I was with every single one of them."

Brother Matthew is with their dad today, and brother Derek, with grandparents.

"Matthew wanted to go for engineering. RMU worked out well for him, he has an ROTC scholarship."

"And we are a Pitt family and we hoped that somebody would choose Pitt as well so Derek did that for us."

Hannah says it will be an adjustment being apart from her siblings, but her mom came prepared with lots of pictures.

And after more than 19 years, it was time for goodbyes, but perhaps the rough start for the tenacious siblings was all part of another divine plan.

"Four more years you can go work in the NICU and take care of the babies."

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