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Want to see some buffalo? Head to South Park

Did you know there's a herd of buffalo in South Park?
Did you know there's a herd of buffalo in South Park? 02:44

SOUTH PARK, Pa. (KDKA) -- Locations like Yellowstone National Park out in Wyoming may come to mind as being a park replete with buffalo, but it may surprise most people to know that a small herd exists here in Allegheny County and has been here since 1927 as part of an ongoing buffalo preservation project.

Since the 20s, the herd has remained low-key, but less than a year ago, all that started to change thanks to South Park residents Tim and Diane Foster, the founders of the group Friends of the South Park Buffalo Preserve.

"I love their personalities," said Diane. "I love being around them and how they make you feel relaxed. And they're just awesome. When you ride by you may just think it is a herd of buffalo, but when you spend time with them and get to know their personalities, you really start to have a love for them."

While the county still owns and maintains these animals, the Foster family's stewardship is working to raise awareness constantly.

"We take a lot of pictures," said Tim. "My daughter Tianna takes pictures at the feedings, we come up here on the weekends, you know, we usually spend a couple of hours, even on a Saturday or Sunday if it is a nice day."

Currently, Friends of the South Park Buffalo Preserve is looking to formally become a 501(c)(3) charity to get more people involved in the care and preservation of these animals. They are also working to make improvements to their habitat and diet and they are working very hard to improve the viewing experience for the public, who they say, don't have to go out west to see these incredible creatures.

"I think this is a very unique opportunity that South Park and Allegheny County has," Tim said. "You look at these animals and where you can go in the country and see them and to be able to do it right here -- so the more we are able to improve the viewer experience and the people come out to visit, that's going to be huge."

If you want to see these majestic creatures in person, you can stroll along the preserve's fence dawn to dusk, any day of the week. And there are two public feedings each week that anyone can attend. And of course, you can also follow them on Facebook -- their page has quite the herd of 4,000 people following. For more information, click here.

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