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Source: Priest Invited Minor To Drink Alcohol

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Sources close to the investigation tell the KD Investigators that Father Daniel Valentine's Facebook posts involved an invitation to a minor to drink alcohol and that they have found pornography on his computer.

Bishop David Zubik says while he is not aware of these specific allegations, the prospect of another priest under suspicion is more than disheartening.

"Obviously, all of us are saddened by it," he said. "I would be less than honest with you to tell you I lose a lot of sleep over this stuff."

These are tough times for Bishop Zubik as Father Valentine becomes the third priest accused inappropriate behavior involving minors in the past several months.

Father Valentine is on a leave of absence while the district attorney does a forensic analysis of his computer, determining whether his Facebook postings amount to the sexual abuse of a minor.

It comes after another investigation was initiated into Father James Graham on allegations of him abusing a minor and the conviction of Father Bartley Sorensen on child pornography charges.

In each case, Bishop Zubik says he acted without delay.

"These are serious matters once again because of the protection of everybody, but especially young people and especially the credibility of the Church," Zubik said.

"One of the things I would hope people would see in all of this is that we as the Church and I hope myself as the shepherd of the Church are being extremely responsible."

In the case of Father Valentine, Zubik says while the chips must fall where they may, he will be afforded a fair review.

"My concerns are that people may be tempted to rush to judgment or to build on rumor, and the fact of it is that we just need to be able to see the big picture and that's exactly what the district attorney is really looking at."

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