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'Somebody Speak Up': Family Wants Answers On Twins Missing For 10 Years

PENN HILLS (KDKA) -- Patricia Fowler showed up at a Penn Hills courtroom Monday, but authorities are no closer to finding the whereabouts of her twins - Ivon and Inisha Fowler - missing for ten years.

"I just want whoever, or whatever is going on with the grandkids, somebody to speak up and let us know what's going on with my grandkids," said paternal grandmother Charlene Miller.

Relatives on their dad's side came to court to see what more they could learn about the two kids they haven't seen in so long.

"I told her I was going to come back with birthday cake and when I got back she had moved," Miller said.

"When I would go to meet her, she would tell me to meet her, she wouldn't be there and then when I would try to call her, already the number has been changed," said paternal aunt Gelda Ferguson.

Fowler's son Datwon was also in court Monday to stand charges on pretending to be one of the missing twins - in what he called an effort to get everyone to "leave his family alone." But both court appearances were postponed for an unexpected delay.

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Patricia Fowler had been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation - but it hasn't happened yet, and won't until mid October.

Family members say they have waiting long enough to find out where their loved ones are, or what's happened to them. But the wait will continue.

"This is what bothers me about the mental illness okay. You can be mentally ill in one way but if you hide some children for ten years how mentally ill are you?" Ferguson said.

A request to have Datwon's bail reduced was denied. His bail is still set at $250 and so now he's right now back in the Allegheny County Jail.

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