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Some Locals Worried, Others Not By NSA Leaker Snowden's Allegations

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The government is watching our every move - that's what NSA leaker Edward Snowden now claims.

He says the feds are monitoring all of our computers and phones, at all times.

Sitting in the Coffeetree Roasters in Shadyside is not exactly the place where the NSA comes to mind, but Snowden says people should think about it.

"Oh my God, we can do this," was the reaction Snowden told NBC in Russia that he had when he saw firsthand the NSA's real-time monitoring of Americans on their computers and tablets.

"People at NSA, analysts, can actually watch people's Internet communications, watch them draft correspondence, and actually watch their thoughts form as they type," said Snowden.

Snowden says the NSA not only can, but does look over the shoulder of Americans online.

"It doesn't bother me on a day-to-day basis because I'm not really doing things that matter to the NSA," said Shereen Chaudhry, of Shadyside.

That helplessness does not translate to complacent approval.

"It's definitely a scary thing that we don't have privacy and anything is open," said David Rue, of Highland Park.

As for keeping the NSA out, there doesn't appear to be any app or software for that.

"Nothing here says anything about keeping the NSA out," said Pete Biernesser, of the Geek Squad. "I don't think anything anywhere has that."

But Biernesser says they don't get a lot of request for anti-NSA spyware. The concerns are more common man.

No, we're talking about people who are actively tracking your information or trying to rip you off in some way," Biernesser said.

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