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'Joker' Student To Leave Carlow University For Lesser Charge

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Some of the charges against a college student who dressed up as the "Joker" on campus may be withdrawn.

Christian Smith, a 21-year-old Carlow University senior, said he wore the makeup to class because he was taking his girlfriend to a comic book convention. A school employee saw the get-up and called police.

"Part of the excitement is, you get into character," said Phil DiLucente, Smith's attorney. "And being a week away from Halloween, everyone knows how exciting it is to get into costume and make believe."

Police asked Smith to leave class and remove his makeup because the face paint was making some people uncomfortable.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and terroristic threats charges would be withdrawn should Smith withdraw from the university and undergo a psychological examination.

"My client's not going to be facing felony and misdemeanor charges, and any day you can get those withdrawn it's very important," DiLucente added.

Smith previously stated he was an "A" student and a scholarship student at Carlow and was just trying to have a good time with his girlfriend. He believes he was unfairly singled out and roughed up by police.

According to the police report, Smith "yelled profanities toward classmates and officers" and became "aggressive and un-cooperative," "spit directly in the face and eyes of the officer" and struck an officer in the "chest with his head."

Smith returns to City Court on Nov. 25. Once a judge sees he's fulfilled all the requirements, he'll pay a fine for disorderly conduct and move on with his life.

"With respect to the university, I commend them on how they resolved this," said DiLucente.


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