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Singer Meat Loaf Finishes Performance After Passing Out

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- There were some scary moments for concert-goers on Thursday night when singer Meat Loaf collapsed while on stage at the Trib Amphitheater.

Video of the incident was posted to YouTube.

Concert-goers say the singer was only a few songs into a set when he collapsed.

"There was a lot of chaos going around for about five minutes or so and it took a number of people to sort of bring him to," Tim Hindes, who went to the concert, said.

Witnesses say band members and some volunteers rushed to help him.

"After he got back up, he stood up and he said, 'I always said if I'm going out, I'm going to be going out on stage,'" Hindes said.

In a YouTube video, Meat Loaf told the crowd he had an asthma attack.

"I have asthma, I can't breathe," Meat Loaf said.

He was able to continue the concert, but had to sit through a song or two.

"To continue on with a concert after passing out completely on stage for a number of minutes was just a true show of his showmanship and his attitude as a performer and how he takes his art so seriously," Hindes said.

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