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Because of shrinkflation, consumers need to be wary in grocery store

Shrinkflation: Consumers be wary in grocery store
Shrinkflation: Consumers be wary in grocery store 02:05

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Senator Bob Casey introduced the Shrinkflation Prevention Act, a bill designed to stop companies from reducing the size of their products without a corresponding price reduction.

As KDKA-TV money editor Jon Delano reports, experts say consumers must be on high alert for what's happening in grocery stores.

Shrinkflation is all around us, says Paul Miller, a national expert on the topic.

"The product is shrinking, and the price is increasing. People are getting less and paying more," said Miller, a CPA and consumer analyst. 

Senator Casey introduces Shrinkflation Prevention Act 02:37

In several reports, Casey has documented the problem, with examples like a 5 percent decrease in the size of a Doritos package, a 6 percent decrease in Oreos, a 12 percent decrease in Wheat Thins, a 12 percent decrease in Gatorade and a 28 percent decrease in Great Value Ultra Strong Toilet Paper.

"Consumers at every level have to be vigilant and be aware of what's going on," Miller said. 

To avoid getting ripped off at the grocery store, shoppers have to do more comparisons of product sizes. That's not always easy.

"It's set up to be deceptive," Miller said. "The average person might be duped and not know and be taken advantage of."

Miller says unit pricing, required to be posted, helps discerning shoppers compare similar products of different quantities, but it takes time.

"It takes a little bit of energy and I think a lot of times people are sacrificing looking and paying attention for time," Miller said. 

Experts say it does make a difference which grocery store you use, whether it's a discounted supermarket or the neighborhood store. Miller supports Sen. Casey's bill to make shrinkflation an illegal, unfair and deceptive practice.

"The government should get involved," Miller said. 

If you have an opinion on Casey's bill, one way or the other, contact your members of Congress.

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