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Sexual Assault Victim Sues City Of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Former Pittsburgh Police officer Adam Skweres pled guilty last march to using his police powers to force women to perform sexual favors, and now one of his victims is suing the city.

"He said I you want to help your boyfriend, it will only take 5 minutes of your time."

That victim told KDKA's Marty Griffin that Skweres said he would drop trumped up charges against her boyfriend in return for sex, and when she refused he reached for his service revolver and forced her.

Now she is suing the city, the Public Safety Director and the former Chief of Police, saying they ignored prior complaints against Skweres, allowing him to commit a string of sexual assaults.

"Feeling of hurt, betrayal. How could you let him get away with this and continues -- especially after I found out there were others before me."

Attorney Tim O'Brien says in addition to not fully investigating complaints, the city hired Skweres even though an initial psychological evaluation found him "unsuitable for police work."

"I would describe the officers in this case as a loaded weapon pointed at the head of women. He was a loaded weapon that the police administration knew about and did nothing," O'Brien said.

The city law department says it has yet to review or even receive the complaint and cannot comment, but O'Brien says the suit has implications for police department across the country.

"What this lawsuit is about is sending a message to police administration that you have to act swiftly, you have to act efficiently, when you receive complaints of misconduct."

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