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Sen. Pat Toomey 'Disappointed' Obamacare Not Repealed

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) -- U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey called the decision to pull the GOP Healthcare bill off of the floor "a set-back," but added, "It ain't over yet."

Toomey said The American Health Care Act was pulled from the floor because "it didn't have the votes."

He joined KDKA's Mike Pintek Show on Monday.

Sen. Toomey said he was disappointed that Republicans didn't take "a very constructive first step" in healthcare reform and admitted that the bill was the start of a longer process.

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There wasn't a consensus among Republicans regarding the AHCA, and Democrats would've voted against it. Senator Toomey hopes that the House and Senate will work together saying "Our government functions best when we get things done that are bipartisan."

Sen. Toomey has been accused of avoiding the public and Town Hall meetings.

Sen. Toomey explained he's "in Washington five days a week. It's a little bit hard to do town halls."

He said he still has a dialogue with his constituents though and claims to send "tens of thousands of emails and letters every single week."

To hear the whole interview listen below:

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