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Senator Bernie Sanders Comes To Pittsburgh To Campaign For Joe Biden

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Senator Bernie Sanders was in the area to campaign for former Vice President Joe Biden. In between events, he spoke with KDKA's Chris Hoffman about a few of the issues this election season.

You will not see him wearing a mask because he was a socially distant 6 feet away.

After exchanging greetings, our first question was about coronavirus relief for people economically suffering.

Senator Sanders: "So you have millions of people who have lost their jobs and lost their income. These are people struggling to put food on the table. They are struggling to make sure they are not evicted from their apartments. Struggling to make sure they have healthcare for their kids. You have a leader of the Republican-led Senate saying we're not going to do anything because he has 20 United States senators not prepared to vote for another dime for working-class families in this country. That is an outrage."

Chris: "Healthcare has become a hot button topic. It continues to evolve. And helped Pittsburgh rebound after the collapse of the steel industry. Some of that being private insurance. What does the future hold for private insurance as healthcare evolves?"

Senator: "Joe and I have different paths to the goal of universal healthcare but I do know what Joe wants to do is expand healthcare to cover all Americans and he wants to lower the very high cost of healthcare and he's prepared to take on the drug companies and lower the cost of prescriptions."

Chris: "Something that has come up as a term court packing. If Vice President Biden is elected is that something the Senate would look at?"

Senator: "I think there is unhappiness with a Supreme Court that is so political. You have a political US house in a political US Senate. We are elected. I think people want more from their Supreme Court. They want their justices to be looking at the constitutionality and legality of various pieces of legislation, not voting in a political way."


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