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West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin Draws Line In The Sand For Build Back Better Plan

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

WASHINGTON (KDKA) - President Joe Biden is now focusing on passing his "Build Back Better" plan.

However, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin revealed a key stumbling block in the U.S. Senate negotiations.

He has drawn a line in the sand, saying the bill must not exceed $1.75 trillion.

"I want to make sure we're upfront, transparent with the public," Sen. Manchin said.

When asked about one of his sticking points, the Child Tax Credit proposal was brought up.

"That's a big one, that's a big one, it really is," he said. "But the President makes – whatever he makes a decision to work with, I'm gonna try to work with him, I'm gonna try to work with him. I really am."

Sen. Manchin said he would not compromise by agreeing to a one-year extension of the Child Tax Credit.

He did, however, hold out the option of putting it on a separate legislative track outside of the Build Back Better legislation.

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