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Prioritizing Self Care, Developing Routines To Improve Quality Of Life

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The last two years have ratcheted up life's pressures on all of us -- the result is the need for self care, forcing yourself to do something for yourself.

When it comes to self care, the initial reaction is that it sounds selfish, but you have to get past that.

Ignoring self care has negative consequences.

Psychologist Dr. Matthew Sacco says ignoring self care can make one "absolutely more vulnerable to poor health, physical health, and psychological health."

Dr. Sacco says to think of self care like an oxygen mask on an airplane.

"They tell you that when you get on you got to put it on yourself first before you help others," Dr. Sacco said.

He says the same thing applies to life, although especially women have a hard time making time because of societal expectations.

"That's where they will often feel like they're being they might be considered selfish if they're putting their needs at a time ahead of their families," Dr. Sacco said.

He says that on a regular basis, that's exactly what one should do.

"It really does give you an opportunity to kind of recharge your batteries a little bit," Dr. Sacco said.

He says self care comes in different forms, including:

  • Physical care, with things like exercise or diets
  • Psychological care, including doing things to manage your emotional well being
  • Spiritual care, through things like organized religion or a connection with nature.

Whatever the case, Dr. Sacco says to break out of a routine, it doesn't have to be overly complicated.

He says the first step is to recognize the need for self care and then start with baby steps and get small items of care into your routine and grow it from there,

Dr. Sacco says you'll feel better and the positive impact will be felt by those around you.

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