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'I Loved It': Joanne Rogers Reacts To Mister Rogers Movie After Second Trailer Is Released

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A second trailer for 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' has been released, just in time for the celebration of World Kindness Day.

The movie, starring Tom Hanks, chronicles the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and a journalist who wrote a profile piece on him in 1988.

A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Trailer 2 (2020) by FilmSelect on YouTube

Nov. 13, World Kindness Day, is being celebrated by honoring Mister Rogers. The day has been declared Cardigan Day by WQED, and Pittsburghers are celebrating by wearing cardigans, doing random acts of kindness and now, watching the new trailer.


The movie is set to release on Nov. 22. Joanne Rogers, Fred's wife, recently gave her reaction to the movie.

"I loved it," she says. "I think Tom is a genius, almost."

"I want to give credit -- Tom Hanks has gotten lots and lots of good press and he deserves every bit of it," she says.

It's a blast from the past that makes you think the show's still alive.

Official Poster For Mr.Rogers Movie
(Photo Credit: Sony Pictures)

Crews chose people from the Pittsburgh area to make the movie appear as realistic as possible.

"He has a remarkably good cast behind him and a fine director who really, really understood what Fred was about," she says.

All of the fan favorites like Mr. Mcfeely, Daniel Striped Tiger and the trolley make appearances.

As for the woman who will be playing Mrs. Rogers? Maryann Plunkett.

"I had a wonderful afternoon with Maryann, when she came," Joanne says. "She was so nice and I've talked with her on the phone since. She's a stage actress mostly."

Mrs. Rogers hopes everyone remembers the kind, warm-hearted man that Mister Rogers was.

"I think it's one that particularly Pittsburghers will like," she says.

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