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SCI-Pittsburgh Guard Arrested After Grand Jury Investigation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Eight guards were recently suspended after being accused of dishing out their own form of justice on convicted sex offenders.

On Thursday, one of those guards was arrested.

The grand jury investigation focused on guards who work at SCI-Pittsburgh.

According to sources, a small group of guards described as vigilantes are accused of identifying Megan's Law offenders and participated in a series of attacks against inmates. The attacks included the possible sexual assault of inmates using broom handles.

Tory Kelly, of Aliquippa, was arrested and is accused of threatening another guard at his home. He is also accused of threatening to kill the guard, "with a .50-caliber bullet with (the guards) name on it."

Sources indicate the guard testified against Kelly in front of the Allegheny County Grand Jury.

KD Investigator Marty Griffin talked to one woman in May about her boyfriend, who is in jail. He is accused of raping an 11-year-old child, but he's also part of this investigation.

The woman claims the inmates were sexually assaulted by the guards.

Sources close to the investigation indicate the grand jury investigation is ongoing.

Guards have been testifying about acts described as criminal and sadistic by guards, including accounts of at least one guard assaulting inmates with a broom handle.

Sources tell Griffin there will be criminal charges filed, but there is no timetable as to when that will happen.


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