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School Bus Driver A Reluctant Hero After Performing CPR On Student Who Passed Out

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NATRONA HEIGHTS (KDKA) -- A school bus driver's fast actions saved a Highlands High School student's life.

Harry Mangol says he just loves his job as a bus driver.

"The kids all call me Mr. Harry," says Mangol.

He's been driving school buses ever since he retired as a police office and state constable. But on Thursday morning, during his usual morning bus route, his training as a first responder was tested.

"Opened up the door and the kids said that someone had fallen," Mangol said.

This was no ordinary fall though.

"Found out she had fallen down and twisted her ankle," said Mangol. "She thought it broke; she heard it snap."

What happened next though, would have sent most people into a panic.

"Next thing I know, her head, eyes went back, she went straight back, then she rolled to the side because she had a backpack on," Mangol said. "She wasn't breathing."

But Mr. Harry remained calm and started CPR.

"I shook her one more time and she started to breathe again," he said.

The girl's brother dialed 911 while Mr. Harry helped the girl, and an ambulance was on the way.

"I said, 'You are going to be okay; we are going to take care of you,'" Mangol said he told the girl.

He says he's been driving the girl to school for the last four years.

"I'll be real happy to see her again," he says. "She's always been real cheerful, one of my better students."

The student went to the hospital and actually made it to class on Thursday, now walking with a boot.

"I was just doing my job, I'm not a hero. I think any bus driver here would have done that," Mangol said. "Our kids are the most important thing of anything."

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