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Salt Trucks, Plows Ready As Crews Prepare For Overnight Snow

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Snow is expected overnight, bringing in 1 to 3 inches by the morning commute in the city – with more expected in the north.

The snow started falling fast in Cranberry Township around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

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Emergency responders and PennDOT crews have been on standby all night long.

Sunday night, PennDOT trucks were out along Route 19 pre-treating the roads. And officials say this winter's been more demanding, putting more work on crews.

"It's very challenging," said PennDOT Highway Foreman Dennis O'Neill. "Our guys put in a lot more time, we've used a lot more material, as far as salt and anti-skid, hours wise, the guys have just been working immense hours. It gets kind of tiring sometimes."

In the last couple of months, they've pretty much seen it all – and they know what it takes to tackle just about anything.

"A lot of ice, a lot of cold conditions," said equipment operator Mike Shock. "You what I mean, stuff like that. But, a lot of work, a lot of hours, a lot of overtime."

In Butler County, many fire departments have decided to bring in full crews overnight to cut down on response time.

Officials say they're focused on safety.

"We're always ready, we're always read," Shock said. "Everybody's ready to go."
South of the city, not much snow was falling late Tuesday night, but PennDOT also had crews ready, with another crew expected to take over at midnight.

Officials south of the city also say they're prepared for snow, rain and everything in between.

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"At some point that snow may change over to freezing rain or icy conditions," said Steve Cowan with PennDOT. "We will begin mixing in anti-skid material with our salt."

There's already been so much snow this winter, that it was with dread that people showed up at a local Home Depot to buy the rock salt that was left.

"I'd say about four bags left," John Morgan of Mt. Lebanon said. "… it's basically gone."

Morgan says he's ready to be done with the snow this winter.

Cowan says officials are hoping the bulk of the precipitation falls before morning rush hour, since the trucks are limited in where they can go once the roads are packed.

As for the city, Mayor Bill Peduto Tweeted Tuesday night that crews were brought in two hours early and that they have 40 salt trucks ready to go – and at 6 a.m. they will bring in 15 more additional trucks.

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