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Route 51 in Beaver County could be closed down for weeks, Fallston mayor says

Busy road in Beaver County could be closed down for weeks
Busy road in Beaver County could be closed down for weeks 02:45

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The mayor of Fallston Borough said one of the busiest roads in the borough could be closed for another six weeks. 

Drivers can't get through part of Route 51 in Beaver County because a landslide. 

"Last week, I want to say it was Wednesday, and it had started to sag and then by Saturday it was a lot worse because we got more rain," Fallston Mayor Charles Leis said.

"It's happened before," the mayor added. "It's been a problem for forever."

Darlington Road in Fallston will be closed for the foreseeable future after heavy rains washed away about half the road. Route 51 below Darlington Road is also closed. On Monday, PennDOT said this in an indefinite closure.  

"Drainage along the road might be an issue," the mayor said. "I don't know if the drains were fixed because the drains are sagging and I don't know if they've been repaired properly or not." 

PennDOT is in charge of the repairs. Some residents are fed up.

"Typical PennDOT failure to maintain things properly," Ted Smakosz said. "Five years ago, there was a smaller slide and they put a bandaid on it."

As PennDOT figures out a solution, detours are causing some confusion for drivers. Some businesses are feeling in, too.

"It's a little disappointing," said Luke Martin of Brady's Run Grille. "I want to be able to make good food for our customers. But if our customers can't get here, then I can't do that."

As for when the roads will reopen, Mayor Leis provided a timeline. 

"Darlington is going to be closed, I don't even know," Leis said. "They didn't even give me an estimate. But Route 51, they said until the end of May as an estimate."

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