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'We Want To Help Get Him On The Right Track,' NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Opens Up About Antonio Brown Investigation

MIAMI (KDKA) -- For the first time in months, the NFL is shedding light on the Antonio Brown investigation.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took to the podium in Miami for his annual league press conference before the Super Bowl when he was asked about Brown's investigation.

"NFL commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledges Antonio Brown's situation is bigger than football and investigations. "We want to help him get on the right track," he said. "We are confident it will happen."

Brown admitted Tuesday that he put himself into a bad predicament with the arrest last week, but he vowed to make a return to the NFL.

"On the subject of the Antonio Brown investigation, Commissioner Roger Goodell says the most important point is what's best for Brown and his personal well-being. "We want to help get him on the right track. We want to work to do that. That's the first step."


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