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Rock N' Roll Marathon

Rock N' Roll Marathon Set To Bring Boost To Local Economy

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh is no stranger to big time sporting events.

But a new one, that's expected to attract thousands of people from all over the world, is heading to town. It's a mix of music and sports.

The Rock N' Roll Marathon series is set to be in town next year.

Steelers' legend Lynn Swann helped to bring in the event.

"Rock N' Roll Marathons aren't just all over the country… they are all over the world, and we believe that Pittsburgh should have a world-class showcase event like a half marathon," said Swann.

The 13.1 miles will wind through the streets of downtown and surrounding neighborhoods on Aug. 4, 2013.

The course, which is not quite mapped out yet, will be lined with live music, cheerleaders and other entertainment.

"Twenty-plus bands on course… they will cross the finish line with a finish line headliner act, which will be a local, if not regional act," said Josh Furlow, of Rock N' Roll Marathon.

The marathon, already in 29 cities around the globe, is an action-packed favorite among athletes from all over.

"The music is going to be good, and they are going to get a great view and a great understanding of the City of Pittsburgh," said Swann.

The event, which will be annual, is also expected to bring a boost to area businesses. Organizers say it will pump $8 million into the economy.

They anticipate that visitors will fill up 5,000 hotel rooms alone.

"We're going to be bringing between 8- and 12,000 athletes into the city every August for this half marathon," said Craig Davis, of VisitPittsburgh. "They are going to stay in our hotels; they are going to eat in our restaurants and they are going to spend money. It's wonderful, economic development and we're so blessed to have them here."

Teams will be in town soon to map out the route, which they hope to announce in the near future.

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