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Robert Downey Jr. Sends Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Lineman Cam Heyward Iron Man-Themed Gift

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A much-anticipated gift has finally arrived for Cam Heyward.

Marvel star Robert Downey Jr. told the Steelers defensive tackle that he was sending him an Iron Man-themed gift, and he delivered.

Cam Heyward Iron Hand
(Photo Credit: Cam Heyward/Instagram)

In a video posted to his Instagram on Tuesday night, Heyward showed off his own Iron Man infinity gauntlet.

"Thank you so much, Robert Downey Jr.," Heyward said in the video. "You didn't have to do this. I really appreciate it. This is awesome. ... This is in great hands."

Heyward also thanked the movie star for being a Steelers fan.

"Thank you so much @robertdowneyjr @jimmy_rich @bradrlambert I appreciate this. Ironhead has the Iron hand!!! Lets go!" Heyward said in the caption.

In a video posted to Heyward's Instagram account this weekend, Downey Jr. called on him and the Steelers to defeat the Bengals and keep the team's undefeated season going.

"Mr. Heyward, Cam. It's about freaking time, buddy," Downey Jr. said in the video. "And I believe that Ironhead is going to need an Iron hand so this is coming your way, brother. Thank you, love you, go Steelers, numero uno for freaking ever. Boom boom."

"Well my @marvel life has just been made! @roberdowneyjr you are a true legend and glad to know Ironman is a @steelers fan! Y'all heard the man let's get this W this week! Thanks to @jimmy_rich & @bradrlambert for making this happen #ironsharpensiron," Heyward said in the caption of the video.

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