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Man Sentenced For Drunk Driving Crash That Killed 19-Year-Old Girl From McKeesport

WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) -- "Her presence gave everyone joy."

That's how friends and family of 19-year-old Marlee Hill of McKeesport described her to the judge Tuesday afternoon.

Ultimately, Judge Thomas Flaherty decided to sentence her killer, Robert Darrisaw, to 4-8 years in prison, followed by five years probation.

"She was very loving, she was very giving, she always thought she was the boss," said Deshae Moore, the victim's friend.

Hill died in late September 2018 after Darrisaw, driving with a blood-alcohol level of twice the legal limit, crossed the center line and crashed into her car.

During his sentencing Tuesday, the defendant's friends and church leaders told the judge about his bright future, lack of criminal record, and drive to improve society and learn from his mistake.

"Now that I see the point of view from both sides I kind of do like he feels bad," said Moore. "But at the same time, it's like, you were the person who made the decision to go out and drive while intoxicated so your apology is pointless."

Moore and about a dozen others, including the victim's mother, asked Judge Flaherty to deliver the maximum sentence to Darrisaw.

"Marlee would never have any hate. We don't hate," said Melanie Boros, victim's mother. "We don't have any hate bones in our body. She would say it's fair"

Although Boros said her life will never be the same without her only daughter, she recognizes that her daughter's killer has the potential to change his life around after this huge mistake.

"I'm happy, justice was done," said Boros. "I don't want him to be in prison forever, that's not fair either."

In addition to his sentence of 4-8 years in prison, followed by 5 years probation, Darrisaw will be required to speak to at least 20 high schools about the dangers of drunk driving and his personal decision that claimed the life of a young woman with a bright future ahead for herself.

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