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Rob Pratte's Salute To State Troopers

Salute to the State Troopers

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - KDKA Radio's Rob Pratte was joined in the studio by Trooper Robin Mungo, Lt. Paul Radatovich, Lou Gentile and Kevin Hughes to honor Pennsylvania State Police troopers.

They shared stories and experiences with state troopers. Trooper Mungo talks about the training to become a state trooper.

"The training we get is unbelievable, I was in the military you know, comparing it to the State Police Academy it's no joke. If you go through that and get through that, you are proud to wear this uniform, you will represent it well," she said.

Also, Hughes added the people he feels can make the easiest adjustment to being a state trooper.

"It's a great place for veterans to come, not only as you enter the academy you have a step up on a lot of the other kids or people that get through, because of your military discipline," he said.

Rob saluted state troopers and all they do to keep our community safe.

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